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About Sazzad Arefeen

Guitars: Ground-Force

Sazzad Arefeen is the Guitarist of The band Ground-Force originated from Bangladesh. He started developing his career since 1994, wrote songs and kept on teaching guitar with his own guitar instructions institutions which is the largest and strongest in Bangladesh called “Guitar Never Lies” . Sazzad Arefeen has played for Metal Maze , Warfaze , and Symphonic Metal Pioneer De-illumination as local big names, but later on he decided to step onto international release which has been successfully achieved by Ground-Force dropping their 3 Volume Concept album released on August 2021, titled ‘Tree of Life’. Sazzad Ventured to releasing his Conceptual Guitar Instrumental Album as Remaster Edition on 2022 titled "Operation AngryMachine"


Albums and Singles

Operation AngryMachine (2022 Global Remaster)

Release Date:  March 25, 2022

An instrumental Concept album written after the liberation War of Bangladesh.


Onibarjo by De-illumination

Release Date: August 26th,2010

The first symphonic Rock/Metal album in Bangladesh followed by a Concept story.


Moharaj by Warfaze

Release Date: 2003


Tree of Life by Ground-Force

Release Date: August 13, 2021

The First ever 3 Volume Concept album written in both English And Bangla Produced from Bangladesh. 

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Shuvo’s Rockers Inc. 

Release Date: 2007

Sazzad Arefeen’s First album as a music producer, Shuvo’s album was a quit different solo and a rock album,music were written by Sazzad Arefeen and Also All Guitars played by him.


Compilations and Singles

All single and compilation releases till present date.

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